We will be happy to advise you in all aspects

We guide you through a variety of situations with our expertise and our know-how. We do not offer readymade solutions off-the-shelf; we rather stand for highly individualized consulting services. From the beginning, we prefer to work out customized solutions that are unique, practical and proven. We develop future-oriented approaches that will mobilize and enable your company to stay on the track of success, solid return guaranteed.

Strategy Consulting

The key factors for securing competitive advantages are strategic planning, the specification of long-term objectives plus the determination of adequate measures and the efficient allocation of resources. In theory, this sounds quite simple, however, the actual implementation often turns out to be rather complex.

This is where our team of consultants come in: they have the tools and experience to support you in shaping and reshaping your ideas, evaluating them and adjusting the relevant parameters to guarantee sustainable success.

Operational Excellence

Every enterprise strives for an organisation as efficient as possible, at all levels. Inefficiencies, however, are hard to detect, often due to the fact that – over the years – organisations tend to develop a sort of habitual blindness. The key to success in achieving operational excellence often starts with a slight shifting in perspective.

We support you in reorganising your day-to-day business and operations in a more effective way, thus instituting continuous improvement efforts which ultimately result in perpetual business.

Financial Excellence

Parallel to strategic measures Advicum also offers effective and quick assistance in the fields of controlling, risk management and financial restructuring. We analyse the financial aspects of your company and develop future-oriented financing and refinancing solutions. In addition, we establish contacts to banks and investors.

Our financial restructuring is only completed when all existing problems are solved. Your company then has the means to become sustainably successful again.


Digitalization is not a goal or the end in itself for us, but more so an aid and a resource needed to achieve and defend the competitive ability of an organization.

We are constantly surveying the pre-commercial development of new technologies and how their implementation makes new position of points, new business models and new processes possible. Therefore, digitalization is incorporated directly in our projects – as “DigIT Scan”, as part of setting up a strategy or as part of the operational excellence.

Artificial Intelligence Driven Consulting

Advicum works with eMentalist to combine automated data science with consulting expertise.

eMentalist is one of Austria’s most innovative Artificial Intelligence companies and gives companies and institutions a well-founded look into the future. It identifies trends and developments before they become obvious and provides a comprehensive picture of facts, industry trends, emotions and more.

“Stop following – start leading!”


With the Advicum Quarterly we want to inform you briefly about interesting current economic as well as technological trends and topics on real estate, industry, trade, services and the public sector!

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